The Future of Corporate Training

Experience the future of corporate training!
Explore a new way of learning that is shorter, more fun, and easier to remember.
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Metaverse powered by AnyTechMeta.

Metaverse powered by AnyTechMeta​

Hatla Færch Johnsen, CEO uQualio Christian Bjerre Nielsen, CPO uQualio Abhishek Tyagi, CEO AnyTechMeta​

4:00 PM CET, 16th March, 2023

Microlearning revolutionizes corporate training.

Have you ever heard of microlearning? It’s a new way of learning that is shorter, more fun, and easier to remember. And it’s the future of corporate training! So, if you’re interested in learning more about microlearning and how it can help you and your company in the future, then join us as we showcase uQualio, our award-winning white-label video learning LMS software that is revolutionizing the way people learn. You’ll learn how microlearning can help you and your team learn faster, retain more information, and have more fun doing it!

Our expert speakers will guide you through the world of microlearning and explain how it can be applied in your company to help you achieve your learning and development goals.

Who Should Attend​

  1. Learning & Development Heads 
  2. HR Heads 
  3. Anyone interested in the future of corporate training and microlearning

What to Expect in Terms of Learning:

  1. Understand the benefits of microlearning in corporate training
  2. Learn how to create effective microlearning content
  3. Explore real-world case studies of microlearning in action
  4. Network with other industry professionals and share best practices

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